Tuesday, June 18, 2013

United States of America

Let's Really Unite

United States of America
united in what some may ask
united in crippling fear
so are we up to the task?

fear of being too fat
no we can't have that
fear of being too thin
or someones shade of skin

fear of religion
whether it's their own or some other
brings thinking of thee unknown
so they avoid it and can't be bothered

fear of becoming or being too poor
so they turn the other cheek
to those that are and ignore

fear of becoming or being too rich
that we'd lose our humanity
become an asshole or a spoiled bitch

fear of failure
drives some forward
too new heights and beyond
while others face it head on
getting trapped in it's web
forever intertwined

fear of success
that they'd lose their creativity and freedom
sell out some how
just too impress

fear of growing old
so with our surgically altered face
we leave the one's we claim to love
in nursing homes to grow mold

fear of the young
that they're in experienced
or up too no good
so we avoid them
instead of listening
embracing them with a hug

fear of engulfs every american
in one way or another
so let's prove it can be done
put away our fears
and embrace each other