Thursday, June 20, 2013

General Hospital poem

Sonny is a mobster
who pays for a hit
but has a softer side
if you can believe that shit

Carly is his ex-wife
who is the mom to Josslyn, Michael & Morgan
who two of them are all entangeled
with the newest Quartermaine: Lauren

Lauren's nickname is Kiki
which surprised every body
just found out she's the daughter of Franco
who's twin Jason was everyone's hero
and whose son with Sam needs Chemo

Helena was a Cassadine
who made it her mission
to torture all the Spencers
with no exceptions

her nephew Nicholas
likes nurse Elizabeth
who is dating ex-drunk A.J.
while Molly is kissing Rafe
yet still wants ex-T.J

the Chief of Police is Anna
the mother in law of Patrick
the grandmother of the adorable Emma
who's daddy is dating Sabrina
who is roommates with Felix & Bitch Britt

Kate/ Connie or who ever the hell she is
is sitting vigil by Olivia's bedside
Dante is going out of his mind
so Maxie is giving their baby a safe place to reside

that is as long as she and Ellie
can keep their mouths shut
and not reveal that the baby is hers and daddy is Spinelli
her Uncle mac would lose his shit!

who is engaged to Felicia
even after a flirtation with Alexis
who is upset with Diane
but has her hands filled between Shawn & Silas

Tracy is trying to help Luke
even while he tries to woo newest Ava Jerome
who just visited Anna's lover Duke

Dante just got back with Lulu
who lost her memory for awhile
so she stayed with her old friend Milo

General Hospital
is daytime's place to go
it has drama, action, love & laughter
and occasionally your offbeat wacko!