Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Beautiful Tornado

My Beautiful Tornado

My marriage is like a beautiful tornado
it started out innocent enough
boy meets girl
falls in love and all that stuff
but somewhere alone the way
it started to spin
in several directions all at once

on one hand
we passionately
and sometimes
admittedly so
with to much gusto
lust & love one another
with efforts to do so unconditionally

on another side
we irritate each other
like the dog scratching himself
to get rid of the embedded flea
or the telemarketer
calling for the millionth time
just to hear STOP CALLING ME

on a third side
we disagree on many the subject
religion, language, parenting
just to name a few
it's as if, one says something
and the other hit's REJECT

on a fourth side
we believe in
to death do you part
both feeling this strong
unexplained connection
since we met at the Sussex County
Farm & Horse Show
all those many years ago

just like any beautiful tornado
unwanted rubble gets caught up in the mix
unforeseeable trials and discourse become intertwined
yet in the center
the eye of our beautiful tornado
lays a serene, comfortable, familiar bliss
for this I am BLESSED!