Wednesday, June 26, 2013

poem about The Young & The Restless

The Young & The Restless

The Young & The Restless
is the number one soap
I must confess

Victor is the main attraction
with his on again off again marriage to Nikki
his famous mustache almost supersedes
Jabot's & Newman Enterprises constant competition

Nick and Avery are engaged
his sister Victoria is married to Billy
drama in the family is all the rage
 what with Victor & Adam getting along finally

Tracy Abbott is back in town
Jack is back with Physllis
while Lauren & Michael are fallen down
because of her affair
Chelsea is claiming Dylan to be her baby's daddy
does anybody care?
Chloe & Kevin are having a meltdown
get your hanky's ready
cause this is all going to end up sadly

Cane & Jill took over Chancellor
Lily is married to cane
who is the sister of Devon
an available bachelor
compared to the Newman's and Abbott's
the Winters are relatively sane

Kyle, Summer & Abby
have all been recently recast
hard to recognize them
cause it happened so fast

with all the character entanglements
fights, marriages, affairs, and engagements
it's easy to see why it's rated number one
so tune in weekly to enjoy all the fun