Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Through the Years

Through the Years

as an infant everything is brand new
from colors, shapes & even you
as a toddler you have to explore your new world
discovering what it means to be
a boy or a girl
boy did the years fly
your favorite question has become why
wow you've graduated from pre-k
for those willing to listen
you have much to say
elementary school you blew through
you've joined so many activities
it's hard to keep up with you

junior high is so much better
you have more freedoms no matter the weather
teenage years not quite what you expected
curfews, & getting into fights
don't look now, another grounded night

graduating from high school
is such a great achievement
feels like yesterday you were a mere infant
quarter of a century
some went to college, some get married
some had a little family
fifty years old now
where did the years go by
some are grandparent, some never grew up
some passed away
how long it's been can make you sigh

75 years have past
can't believe all that you have survived
boy did it go by fast

you've died
obituaries read
i survived all these years
wasn't a coward, kept thriving forward
give life all that you've got in everything you do
to all that are alive
I'll be looking out for you