Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don't Know What to Do

Don't Know What to Do

I don't know what to do
they say you've fallen backwards
although I don't want to believe that's true
I've been worried about this too

Do I confront you
will you tell me the truth
or tell me what you think I want to hear
like sometimes you do
Do I confront you
I don't want to be lied too

I don't know what to do
we could get through
most anything as a team
if you are honest
and have faith in us
like I do
we don't have to give up the dream
if you can tell the truth
we can always start anew

If you've fallen
I want to help you back up
but if you lie to me
and/or don't want to jump
back onto your two feet
how are we too last

I don't know what to do
because regardless I'm still in love with you